Friday, 2 April 2010

Simple yet Beautiful

And here we are back in my favourite era....Art Nouveau. This is a rather confusing door because it is so non-typical for an entry directly to the street. But that's just what it is. I can't tell you anything about what is behind this door (though just a few days ago I did see someone using it). It is possible that these doors open up completely to allow a car or large vehicle to pass through and into a courtyard, but somehow I just have a hard time imagining it. In any case, the door (or set of doors) is in great shape, has lovely wrought-iron work on it and the Art Nouveau designs above the door are simple yet beautiful.


Remington said...

Another beauty! I like the art work on the walls also. The windows above the door are very nice.

Malyss said...

All is simple, elegant and beautyful: the door itself, but also the pavement on the floor and the sculptures above the door!