Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sad Door Saturday

This is an absolute pity. Pitiful. Horrible. The people who allowed this door to devolve into what it is today should be punished for extreme and absolute cruelty. This poor, poor door deserves respect, but what does it get? Graphitti. Horrible signs posted on it. AND a metro station planted RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT!! (Thus the reason the whole picture is taken from the side...I couldn't stand in front of it because the metro station stairs are located about 2.5 meters from the door!) This was once upon a time a beautiful example of what Art Nouveau's charming style is all about. When I see what it has become, I just want to cry. Where-oh-where is the SPCD? Someone call for help quick...PLEASE!!


Malyss said...

The round frame around the door has an incredible beauty! I understand your despair! It's a shame to let such a beautyful piece of art being destroyed that way!

James said...

Hi Cat. I remember this door too. across from the statue of a Carl Jungmann in Jungmann square. I remember thinking to myself "how can something that's so beautiful look so ugly?" I don't remember the metro station though.