Thursday, 8 April 2010

At the Stone Ram

The name of this building comes from the relief sculpture at the top right of the above picture. Actually, the ram has just one horn so apparently the building has also been called At the Unicorn since not too many rams have just one horn!!

Nevertheless, the rest of the door is what I'm most interested in...especially the carved pillars and the stonework at the top of them. The archway is heavy and strong and probably once framed a magnificent wooden door, but sadly, the present door might be very boring if it weren't for the wrought-iron work, but luckily the iron work is the saving grace. The building is early 16th century, so I am guessing that the door frame is from the same period though it is possible that various renovations occurred over the centuries resulting in changes to the original design of the pillars - that is just my guess though.

The stonework at the tops of the pillars is fabulous!


Wanda said...

The pillars are special, from top to bottom. The rest of the building compliments the beautiful door.

Malyss said...

I like the contrast between the heavy frame and the light iron door!And the reflections on the glass! and all the small details on the sculptures.;I lie this door. If one day I come to Prague, it would be interesting to follow the "road of the beautyful doors" through the city!

Madi and Mom said...

What a beautiful door that certainly makes a statement!!
Madi and Mom