Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sad Door Saturday

Another Sad Door Saturday, but unlike last week's door and the week before that, this door isn't so sad looking (though if I caught the delinquents that 'saddened' this door THEY would be sad!!). This door has many happy elements including the repeating motif across the door's top and bottom; the uniquely-shaped windows; the diamond-shaped window panes above the door; and the really nice frame which not only has a repeating floral motif, but two ladies heads there on each side of the door just waiting to welcome everyone who passes by (too bad they don't have the power to fight off the people who saddened this door!). This slightly sad door deserves to be happy again AND some respect...and maybe a new and more interesting handle!!


Madi and Mom said...

We have been amazed at all the graffiti on the there a fine if one is caught doing this? If not there should be and one of the punishments should be making them help restore the door to its original beauty. Maybe they would learn several valuable lessons. 1. don't do it 2. if they are lucky they will pay attention and learn to channel their 'energies' in a creative way rather than destructive. Ok Mom is getting off her soap box!
Madi and Mom and a very happy weekend.

Wanda said...

Why would anyone deface such a door... the lettering is actually good with an artistic look, so you know they are old enough to know better. It is a sad, but lovely door.