Friday, 12 March 2010

Goethe Institute

As you probably know, the Art Deco period (1920's) began near the end of the Art Nouveau period (1880 - 1920 +/-), which explains why you see a lot of the Art Nouveau influence in Art Deco. Simply speaking, Art Deco took what Art Nouveau started and raised it to a new level - it rendered objects even more 'design'. In my opinion, this door is clearly a product of that overlap period. The rest speaks for itself!!


Malyss said...

I enlarged the picture: this door is incredible! so much work, so much decoration! I love the wheat above the door!And the columns make a perfect frame!
Goethe was one of my favorite writers when I was younger..

Wanda said...

Such a beautiful metal work on the door and windows.

Saw your comment at Sunny's, came over because doors are interesting to me too. Your post of the Sideways Door caught my eye, beautiful! Will be sure to look at all the others too.

Sunny said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your very kind words. I'm happy that you told me about your blog because I have always been fascinated by doors.
What an incredible door this is, such amazing decoration.
Sunny :)

Madi and Mom said...

What a well cared for and beautiful door...we love the color and the metal trimming.
Madi and Mom

James said...

I remember taking pictures of this door but I don't think they were any good. I was amazed by it when I saw it in person and I am again as I see it here.

SprinkleBakes said...

Beautiful! I love Art Nouveau.