Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Welcome to your local Police Station!

You might not believe me, but walking through this door will lead you to a local police station. I know, not TERRIBLY inviting, but step in for a closer look. Start with the has some really nice detail work including a repeating flower-inspired motif that makes up the second inner frame; spiraling floral designs that fill the expanse above the door; a long branch of leaves that end where the tail of a fish begins; and the tiny, delicate repeating pattern that outlines the top and underneath the balcony supported by the fish/flower scroll combination.

As for the door, it is big and solid and appealing, albeit rather sober, but it too has a lovely floral motif that decorates the tops of the double doors.

I just had to add this last picture because this is something that is pretty rare, but, in my opinion, fabulous...wood cobblestones!! This picture shows the door's threshold. At the bottom of this picture are normal basalt cobblestons (which make-up the exterior/sidewalk part of the entrance to this building) then a horizontal wood threshold, then wood cobblestones (which are in the corridor). These cobblestones are made from the heart of a hardwood tree - beech? - and are usually about 4" x 4" x 4" /10cm x 10cm x 10cm in size. Once upon a time they might have been more common, however nowadays they are pretty rare. I think they are wonderful...warm and giving and far easier on the body to walk on than concrete or tiles.


Malyss said...

A police station?! The great thing is that the door is not destroyed by many plastic and modern signs!The door is wonderful, and I'm wondering if the inside of the police station is also so rich and beautyful?!(That's the problem with the doors, I always want to know what's behind! Ü)

Madi and Mom said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures. I would never have thought the cobblestone was wood! Quite a massive door and in its own way very very pretty. This one and the blue one from last week are two of my favorite.
Madi and Mom