Monday, 15 March 2010

Colourful Monday

Last week I titled Monday's post 'Blue Monday' (even though the door was turquoise, 'blue' just sounded better in the title). Since blue is not the only colour used for painting a door, I've decided that Monday should instead be called 'Colourful Monday'!!

Since this door is neither blue nor turquoise nor green; I would say it's 'teal'. Whether teal was its original colour, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that it very probably was painted some colour and was not left unpainted wood. Why? Because the clean-lined stained-glass work in and above the door as well as the sober wrought-iron work covering the windows on the door easily place it in the period of Art Deco...a time when it was common to have painted doors.

One thing bothers me about this door: the combination of the pale blue glass with the teal (dark and light) on the door...I don't think these colours would have been put together when this door was originally designed so either that blue glass was put there more recently (e.g. if the window was repaired), or the original colour of the door harmonised better with the stained glass work.

(Note: I'm sorry I don't have a better photograph of this door for you...though doors are not moving objects, they can be rather elusive as they have the annoying habit of hiding behind cars and sign posts!)


Madi and Mom said...

Happy Monday!! What a door it definitely makes a statement. I've noticed most of the doors you post are very tall. Is this a standard for exterior doors? Love the teal color!
Madi and MOm

Malyss said...

The elements don't go well together. If the door had only one color, it would be better.But I like the window part above the door, it must be lightening the hall behind very well!

James said...

That door seems to have a very high doorway.

Wanda said...

Maybe the light blue should be painted to match the blue in the glass. It's still a beautiful door!