Sunday, 7 March 2010

Church Door Sunday

Yes, I know, you're thinking: 'Wait, she's made a mistake...this can't be a church door or any door into a church!' Well, you're is. But you are right in questioning it because it is in a really odd place: about 2 meters / 6 feet off the ground! And there are no stairs or anything below it. Nevertheless, it is a door to/into a church...I just have NO CLUE what it's used for!! Any ideas?


Madi and Mom said...

Well that is very interesting. Maybe they put out a ladder...HA!!
Madi and Mom

James said...

I have an idea. The St. Martin in the Wall Church was built in the 12th century but in the 13th century a wall was constructed to protect the Old town. The wall was actually built around this church, so the church was part of the wall, hence the name "St. Martin in the Wall". When the New Town was built and the wall wasn't needed any more this church became the boundry between the Old and New Towns. Around the 14th or 15th century the church was updated from it's original Romanesque style to a Gothic style and perhaps that's when they added this door for the New Town entrance. It could be the New Town was elevated slightly higher at this spot during those days.
It's a very interesting and mysterious door for sure.

Cat said...

This very well could be the reason, James!! Good job researching it!

Cat said...

For more information, this site might be helpful: