Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Big, Dark and Mysterious

This is not an extraordinary door, but for some odd reason, it has charmed me. I especially like the frame even if (or maybe because) it is rather simple. This clearly a hard-working door has suffered much use and abuse yet has remained like an old barnyard dog that is determined to keep outsiders from going any farther.

Wait though...look carefully at the the ground below the doors...there are what appear to be a narrow set of rails leading from the street into the courtyard...hmmm, what went on here? What goes on here now? Mystery!! And check out the scary face above the door!? OOoooo!!


Madi and Mom said...

Definitely a weathered door......and indeed a mystery as to what is behind such a massive door. My first thought was it resembled a prison door...then you mentioned the rails.
Madi and Mom

James said...

It does look wonderfully mysterious. It's on a narrow street between a souvenir shop and a crystal shop and right behind a church. I'm going to guess that there is a couple of nice appartments named Jilsk√° Temple on the two floors above the door and perhaps a courtyard and/or a place to park behind the door. :)
I really like that face.