Sunday, 14 March 2010

Church Door Sunday

This is not the main entrance to this church (which is, in fact, part of The Clementinum - a former Jesuit college).Actually, it isn't to the church at all but to a sort of exhibit hall. (We have seen several exhibits here including Adolph Born - excellent!!). At first, I was taken in by it's size, the richness of the carvings that adorn the door and, of course, the frame. Actually, I have gone by this door several times and never noticed it because it is in a corner just behind and to the immediate left of another big door that you go through when you come from the street Krizovnicke namesti. (Note: from where I was standing to take the above picture, 105 degrees to my left and about 50 meters/yards away is the Old Town Square side of the Charles Bridge.)

But, back to our door here...if you look closer, you can see that the door was 'adapted' (probably rather recently) so that it no longer opens in the center (as typical double doors like this do), but only on the right side.

That, I can accept - with regret, that is if we don't mention those out-of-place diamond-shaped metal pieces imbedded in various areas of the door (see an example in the close-up photo above) especially where the doors hinges presumably are. What does bother ME about this door are the keyhole accessories (yes, I'm always zeroing in on these, aren't I?)...I find the style of these items extremely odd for this door. Am I wrong when I say that they have a very eastern (and a very not-in-the-style-of-this-door) feel to their design and material?


Wanda said...

I live in a rural area Cat, my country side views, here in Ohio lack such doors. I so appreciate seeing your photos of them. Prague is a magnificent place, all of Europe seems to be!

Malyss said...

I'm always surprised by the size of your doors, and also by how rich they are..On each door, a lot of sculptures and worK; But I agree with you about this door: i don't like those strange little square shapes, they catch the light and then the eyes, and we are OBLIGED to look at them. Then , the iron work is sharp and with spikes, when the wooden decoration is full of curves..Anyway, with its stone frame, this door remains impressive.

I'd be very happy to have your pictures of benches. If you want, I can post some of them on my blog. Or, I can keep them for myself, in my personnal album. They won't be used for commercial things, they'll be for private use only. In both cases, thank you! I'm longing to see benches of Prague, I'm sure they are beautyful!

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful blog, Congratulations!
And thanks so much for your kind visit!
God bless you

Madi and Mom said...

What a beautiful door with beautiful ornate accessories. We missed this post yesterday!! shame on us!!! Madi and Mom