Friday, 5 March 2010

The His and Her Door

I believe this is literally the front door to someone's house. I like how they wanted to dress it up a bit with nicely carved figures in a nice light wood. What I don't understand is why the poor lady has to be on her head (I've rotated the picture so you can better see the Mr. and the Mrs.). There is probably a good reason for this topsy-turvy arrangement, but I can't think of one. It does remind me of a playing card where you have the image of the knight/queen/king shown in this same way, but cards get tossed around and turned upside down...doors don't! Nice handle, too, huh?


James said...

What an interesting door. At first I thought the figures were held up by two screws and her top screw fell off and her bottom screw was loose then gravity did the rest. I don't see a hole above where her head would have been. So who knows?

Malyss said...

I also thought of the house of a cards player..If not, the house of a macho man?..Ü
A beautyful door, anyway! tell us if one day you know the answer!