Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Two for One Tuesday

Sometimes there are couples that just shouldn't be separated...today's doors are just such a couple. When I came across this pair, I was first attracted to the smaller, typical-looking door, but then I backed up, gave the two a good look together and realised that these two were made for each other and that I have no right to split them up!

In our couple, on the left is Big Door who is (or was) probably some sort of an entry to an atelier or work area or even a small store judging from the threshold and the wear to it. Big Door's three sets of reinforced hinges and external lock (which seems to have replaced numerous hidden locks) tell us that Big Door has and will continue to do its best to hold strong and to keep the world at bay as best it can.

Little Door, on the other hand, was designed as the gregarious one in the couple. Little Door invites you to a cup of coffee in the kitchen that is somewhere behind it, or it waits while the children are at school, or it protects a family from a cold winter's night. Little Door's handle and door pull is nice and decorative, but neither exotic nor extravagant. I am guessing that the upper keyhole decoration was made and added later when the kind of keys used in the lower keyhole became more or less obsolete. What I like the most about Little Door is the is the incognito mail slot...you almost don't see it, but there it is!


Madi and Mom said...

The hubby and I browsed about last night...we wanted to let you know we truly admire you excellent eye for a beautiful picture
Madi's Mom and Dad

Malyss said...

How interesting! The mail slot in the Little door is almost invisible!Both doors seem strong and protecting, each one having its job.
The more I see your blog, the more I love the doors!