Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Stone Garlands

Today, after meeting a friend for a coffee, I took a walk in the area of Prague between the main train station, Winceslas Square and Jindrisska Street. The weather was rotten and piles of ice and old, dirty snow cling to sidewalks, curbs and streets everywhere. Though I could have sworn the temperature was below freezing, it must have been just a hair above the freezing mark because melting snow and ice clumps were falling from rooftops all over town. Thanks to such falling snow and ice, I was forced to change sidewalks, which allowed me to come upon this door from a reasonable distance. As you might guess, I was immediately charmed by it.

If you have been to Prague or if you live here, you certainly know that the majority of these old doors and their elaborate door frames are ENORMOUS!! Taking a picture that contains all the elements of the door and frame is not a simple task. Actually, often it is nearly impossible unless you have a: a fish-eye lens and/or b: an unobstructed view of the door from about 30 meters away - which in most cases would put you smack in the middle of house or building across the street from the door. Such was the case here, so I took two pictures of the door and frame: the first photo is of as much as I could fit into the picture and the second photo shows the upper part of the door frame and a better view of the hanging stone garland and the other floral elements. (Are you as impressed as I am by that stone garland?? Wow!!) Because door handles are also often (but not always!!) noteworthy, the third photo includes a close-up of the especially lovely ones on this door.

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