Thursday, 18 February 2010

Honesty and the Blue Door

Honesty...that is my motto. Why am I telling you this here and now? Well, because I want to be honest with you from the start: I am not always going to show you picture-perfect doors because, despite the fact that there are a lot of those in this city, there are also a lot of sad, under-loved doors that deserve our attention. Forgive them for not looking their best ... it isn't their fault that no one has given them the love they merit.

Today's door is one such door...just look at it: tall and strong with honorable designs carved into it including the ever-popular noble-looking lion's head! And what a beautiful shade of blue!! The door handle is simple yet not without character and never mind that the wrought iron work above the door is in desperate need of a scrubbing (as is the rest of the door!) it's beautiful, too! OK, so maybe the door frame is a bit boring...I have the impression that those designs were carved into the frame rather recently..probably when they decided to honor the famous person who once lived there. In case you were wondering, the text at the top of the door frame says that a man by the name of Pavel Josef Safarik, (who, according to Wikipedia, was a Slovak philologist, poet, one of the first scientific Slavists; literary historian and ethnographer) lived in that building and died there in 1861.

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