Friday, 19 February 2010

Look But Don't Touch!

As doors go, this one is a real stunner!! This is one of those doors that you look at and only a few moments later do you realise that you have momentarily stopped breathing because you have been absolutely taken in by its beauty. After those initial moments of awe and door-lust, your head clears again and your eyes hear what your ears cannot - the message the door is sending out: "Look, but do not touch". Have you noticed that there is no door handle (just a key hole)? And what about that triangular peep surely isn't there for you to look in, rather it is for whoever is behind the door to look out (and to shooo you away probably!!). The icing on the cake is the trio of prickly looking flowers at the top-center...I bet they would draw blood if you touched them! (Ok fine, so maybe not...but you never know!!) And check out the scary face on the door frame smack above the door - it looks like it could come unstuck from it's hold at any moment and jump off and bite into you (are you scared now???)!

I like this door very much, but I have to tell you a little truth about is not old. Nope. Sorry. It is new. Yes. But don't hold that against it because, afterall, every door has to come into existence at some point and this one just came into existence more recently (like a few years ago). The craftsmanship of this door is extraordinary as is that of the wrought-iron work above it. The door frame is just slightly ornate, but nothing to take away from the richness of the door itself - the two compliment each other nicely.

(As with all the pictures here, just click on a picture for it to open in a separate window.)


Malyss said...

Hi, cat
Thank you for your visit on my blog, your nice coment and the word bench in Czech! I will add it to my list. As much as I can see, you're also a kind of addict to something!Ü I post doors on my main blog every wednesday. But I must admit I did not post so beautyful doors! (Not yet anyway!..Ü)
Have a good week-end!

SprinkleBakes said...

Ooh how neat! I love the keyhole but no door handle. Mysterious!
Thanks for the photos you sent (and the explanation of golden syrup LOL) - I loved them! I loved the big kitty on the label too. I wish more labels were beautiful like that.