Thursday, 25 February 2010

Theatrical Thursday

This is perhaps not the most exciting of doors, but you have to admit that it has certain qualities, albeit a little bit of an odd mixture, but nonetheless interesting! First of all, look at those about ornate!! Wow! And the brass grill over the windows...not ornate, but not boring, either! Then there is my favorite: the door see those two faces? They have big sheep ears!! That's funny!!

Now, would you like to know where this door leads to? It is the back entrance (staff entrance) to the fabulous Stavovske theater!! (Look at Google Images/Stavovske Divadlo for pictures of this building) You didn't expect that, did you?!


Madi and Mom said...

What a regal looking door. MASSIVE hardware too. Mom likes the color of the door.
Beautiful pictures.
Madi and Mom

Malyss said...

At first sight, the door seemed rather simple. BUT: discovering details after details, it becomes a wonderful and richly decorated door!!