Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Elusive Door

Finding a pretty door in Prague is not a challenge...the challenge is photographing one when you do find it. This beautiful door and frame is located right next to a great little cafe I go to often, but I can tell you that of the dozens of times I have been to the cafe, I was there only once when a car wasn't parked in front of this door...that was the day I took this picture!!

This massive door and it's gigantic frame is awe-inspiring. The sculptures of the men are more than life-size and they are so real-like that you almost get a headache/backache because the men look so real you can nearly feel them straining to carry all that weight on their heads and shoulders!! The woodwork on the door (see below) and the stone work on the frame (click on the picture to see a larger version of it) is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend visiting this door if ever you are in Prague.

Below is a close-up of the original door handles, which by the way, were approximately at the height of my head...and I am not that short!. Note: you can see in the above picture that some daft person installed a new and extremely ugly aluminum handle below the original handles. Duh.

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Hi hon. Can I be the follower even though I do not have the account with either of the given choices of providers? Anyways. Would you include Facebook maybe as well ? I would rather not have too many accounts as I am lost in my ID´s passwords etc already ;o) Anyways - looking forward to any door hunting together in future. Will your hunting / research include also the scope outside of Prague? C U Soon baboon. Iva ;o) Miaow