Sunday, 28 February 2010


In my opinion, some doors give off vibes...yesterday I told you that I could almost hear that sad door whimpering; on another day, I felt the door was saying 'hello, look at me' to everyone who walked by it. Well, I have the strong impression that today's door gives off pride vibes. Afterall, look at him: he's fine, he's happy, he's good-looking and he knows it!

Proud door here has a wonderful door frame (notice the proud lions' heads?), an iron-work halo that is cheerful and up-lifting, his carvings are fabulous, he is clean, oiled and well looked after and even his door handles are fabulous! I think he has lots to be proud of!


Malyss said...

I'm always surprised by the number of details on your doors! each part of the door, taken alone , is perfect, decorated and rich. All together, that always makes a real architectural treasure!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi....being the kitty that I am and the kitty lover that my assistant is...she says this door sounds very much like a CAT door. You know how we felines feel superior and rightly so....beautiful door indeed.
Madi and Mom

TechnoBabe said...

I like the way you bring out the personality of the doors.

James said...

Hi Cat thanks for the nice comment.
What cool idea for a blog especially since you live in a place that has so many wonderful doors. My wife Vicki (whom you've already met in the blog world "Lucy the Cat") and I were in Prague at the end of last November. It's amazing how many interesting and beautiful things there are to see there. I look forward to seeing more of your doors both past and future.
What part of California are you from? Vicki and I are from Orange County but we lived in the Bay Area for a few years.