Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shopping Door

This wonderful and ever-so-grand door and arch combination is located on one of Prague's most popular shopping streets. Despite the richness of this door and it's arch, it is not the entrance to a Dior or Cartier or Hermes boutique (though it certainly could be). There is, however, a clothing store behind this door. The store's interior has a richness to it that matches the door/arch though in my humble opinion, it is too much for the brand of clothing being sold in the store. Never mind all that, I can settle for just stopping once in a while in front of the store to admire the door's size, strength, the details of the elements of the arch (and balcony above it) and the wrought-iron door itself.

If you look closer at the figures in the arch, maybe you might find it interesting how the two men holding up the balcony (don't have a headache...haha, just kidding!) look so muscle-y and virile, however their faces look as if they belong to a body that is much older...hmmm...I guess even stone ages!! Those poor long-suffering men are also magnets to nesting pigeons!! (Pigeons with good taste may I add!) Don't worry, I'm just thinking out loud...I don't mean to take away from this door's value by any means!! This door certainly merits admiration and I am happy to have the chance to admire it often. This picture of the door/arch does it no justice because you can't get a proper idea as to its size - Huge! When taking this picture, it helped that the street in front of this store/door is very wide and that I was there early in the morning which all allowed me to get the distance I needed for a straight-on, unencumbered shot without any people in the picture!!

There are many doors in Prague that deserve being sought out and admired in person - I would definitely recommend seeking out this one and admiring it with your own is a truly fabulous door.


Remington said...

I love it! Yes, they are carrying quite the load to hold all of that up!

Malyss said...

I'm always impressed by this kind of door! so many details, such a richness, and sooo beautyful! I'm always wondering about the designer, the drawer or the architect that took time to imagine it. after all, it's "simply" a way to go in and out..

About your comment on my bench blog yesterday: you have NO OBLIGATION to send cards! it must remain a pleasure from time to time, on impulsion, if ever you see one..don't feel obliged to do anything, the main word must be "liberty", as well in blogs than in postal relationships!We found each other, we know we are here...remember this beautyful quote I found: "good friends are like stars, we don't see them all the time but we know they will always be there" ..

Wanda said...

This is an extraordinarily beautiful entrance!
Seems perfect!...Wanda