Monday, 14 June 2010

Colourful Door Monday

Well, once upon a time this door was colourful!! Despite this poor door's lack of love and a fresh coat of paint, I still like it's colour and it does have charm and character. I especially like how the double windows are the same shape as the one large window overhead in the door's frame. And the door's seems to have faired far better than the door itself...the only thing that I wonder about is whether the window over the door originally had a different kind of glass in it...stained glass window or maybe beveled glass? It just seems to me that the glass there now is too plain; too normal for the rest of the door and frame...but maybe I'm wrong. As for this door's accessories, I'm not showing you a close-up of the handle because, as you can see well enough from the second just isn't worth mentioning and the person who chose it had zero imagination and not even an ounce of creativity. Too bad...this door deserves something nice. I wonder what it's original handle looked like.


Malyss said...

with the two round windows, the door makes me think of a howl!if there was not the pretty stone decorations, it would only be a banal door..

Pat Tillett said...

The frame is awesome. I'll bet it was a sweet combo when the door was in it's prime.

Wanda said...

The door resembles a mask or the head piece of an armored suit. It's nice!


Madi and Mom said...

Now this door has personality....the two windows almost look like eyes the door handle looks like a nose....yep mom is tripping on cat nip me thinkst.