Friday, 18 June 2010

The Door to International Relations

This is a truly lovely door. It is quiet yet interesting, present, yet not overwhelming, discrete, yet classy. All that I could want in a door. This door isn't to someone's home, but to the "Institute of International Relations" fitting! I think everyone could love this door and that just looking at it could bring about world peace. What? Am I asking a lot from a door? Perhaps, but you do have to admit that this door is pleasant; so friendly; so calming! I wonder if this Institute did some research into what their door should look like to put people the most at ease...well, whatever they did, they succeeded!!

Look at the incredible woodwork on this door...a true work of art!! And you have to love those little round windows. The door's arch is simple since the door itself is so rich...this is good. One thing I find intriguing is that this door doesn't open in the middle, but to the left...usually double doors like this open in the middle, leaving the possibility of opening both doors if necessary. I wonder if this door on the left is the only part of the complete door that opens. No, I would think not, but you have to admit that this is rather odd! Though new, the handles on this door give this door feeling of lightness while the cast iron nails makes it appear strong.


Wanda said...

It has an understated elegance...not overdone, just a simple elegance! You describe it well!


Malyss said...

Fabulous! i love all this work in the wood!and someone cares: this door is well maintained. And so beautyful! each time we think you found the greatest, you find a better one!