Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sad, but there may be hope!!

OK, this door looks rather sad and lacking in love, but I was looking closer at it and noticed that in the top right corner there is a building permit sign..Perhaps I just need to go back and pay a visit to this door. I just might find that it has been renovated...had a door face-lift!! Until I can do this, I'll let you admire the door's frame which is simple, yet inviting especially with the sweet face above it. The door itself is nice with it's interesting shaped window and the wrought-iron work over them. I especially like the window over the's shape and the other decorations around it. The only REALLY sad part of this door is that horrendous handle!!! Let's hope this door has finished it's door spa treatment and is now repaired and lovely!! I'll let you know what I find if I get over to this door's neighborhood.


Remington said...

Think of how beautiful it would look....let's hope it happens!

Malyss said...

Even the face above the door seems to be sad!I hope they will restore it in its whole beauty!

Madi and Mom said...

I look forward to seeing this lonely door restored to its original beauty,
Madi and Mom