Monday, 7 June 2010


My first reaction to this door was shock!! What a shocking shade of red!! Sure, I've seen red doors before and have even already posted a few here, but THIS red is really 'out there'. My shock was joined by amusement once I walked up to this door. Why? Because the faces on the doors (I've attached a picture of each of them), seem to be a bit embarrassed by the shade of red they have become!! Poor ladies!! Talk about being 'red in the face'...this door is literally just that!!


Wanda said...

I think it needs a black glaze over temper it down a little!

Malyss said...

Maybe, if the wall was not yellow, red would suit.. but ,here, the shock comes from the contrast, and I understand the shame of the faces..:)

Madi and Mom said...

Wow that is shocking red w/ a hint of pink. I think the yellow makes them pop twice a much as they would with another color.
Madi and Mom