Friday, 11 June 2010

A (late-posted) Friday Funny Door

I've shown you numerous styles of doors (art nouveau, art deco, industrial, modern, etc.) as well as doors of various themes (rams, white boots, reclining lady, etc.). Here is a door that I find humorous. I can only imagine that the 'address' over the door is recent and was done out of a certain fondness for the old way of finding a house/address.

Look closely at what is over the door...what do you see?

Yes! A dragon!!


Pat Tillett said...

the ivy around the door adds to it.

Wanda said...

At first I thought...why is it funny?...then I saw. Maybe it's Shrek's house!

Malyss said...

Maybe the man living there was called George, or Michael.. They are both known for fighting dragons. Or maybe, the person's name is Drago?..
Funny and interesting, anyway!