Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Fabulous a Police Station!

What a FABULOUS door!! It's hard to believe that it is the entrance door to a police station, isn't it? Well, it is. It makes it ALMOST worth getting a parking ticket just so you can walk through it to pay your fine. I especially love the woodwork, but the wrought-iron work is also really nice...and the handle, too!


Remington said...

That is stunning!

Wanda said...

You do mange to find such beautiful doors, Cat.
The blocks on the building look special too. Together they make a wonderful package!

Malyss said...

Really hard to believe!I could better imagine a library or a museum...Here, I would not dare to picture a police station door: first, it's forbidden, and then , they are ALWAYS ugly!

Madi and Mom said...

That is indeed a grand door. It appears by the angle that it is on a corner which makes it stand out.
Madi and Mom