Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Yes, "oouff"! My first reaction when I initially saw this door's 'maidens'. Why? Well, I don't exactly know, but for some reason these two ladies just seem a bit too present for me...sure, they seem to be smiling, but what if they don't like you and decide to kick you upside the head as you walk into or out of this door? Sure, I know, 'they are not real!!', you're right, but you have to agree that they have a spooky quality to them. Once I tear my eyes away from the stone maidens and look at the sculptural work between them my blood-pressure drops to a normal level. The designs are very interesting, attractive and clearly from the Art Deco period (unless you know this building, you wouldn't know that the entire building has Art Deco decorations all over it). I seriously regret that I was not able to physically distance myself enough from this door and arch to get a complete picture of everything, but as always, a car was right in front of it...grrr!

The door itself is simple, but I can't figure out why it was not put directly into the wall, but was, instead, put into a construction that gives it the feel of being a pay booth to a cinema and not the entrance to an apartment building. I half expected to see someone behind the glass ready to ask me which movice!

For once though, I'm glad the renovators of this door went with a simple, sober door handle...anything else would have been over-kill!!


Wanda said...

It is a nice unique entrance, you could say it's a 'bay window' door!


Malyss said...

You're right, the two ladies are a little "too much"!Or, the door seems to small for them!But I like the round window above the door and the flowers sculpted around..

Madi and Mom said...

I'm smiling at your description....the maidens do have one foot aimed and ready!!!
What a massive door. Hubby and I are convinced that Prague should be known as the Door Country!!
Madi and Mom