Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Poorly Neighbor

Hmm? What does that title mean? Well, would you believe that this door is just next door to the British Embassy? Yep, I was surprised, too! There I was photographing the doors of various embassies and international organisations one day, when I found myself face-to-face with the impressive and somewhat guarded British Embassy, but then, to my great surprise, when I turned to my left, here was this 'poorly' neighbor.

The first time you see the small door within the big door, you might think it looks like an Emily door, but its not. And even without knowing anything about what is behind this door, you get the impression that the main, big double-doors lead to a courtyard and not just a passageway (as is often the case). If you get closer to this door, you see that it doesn't look any happier from up-close than it does from a distance.

The large round hole in the door must have been there for a reason once upon a time...for a handle? a knocker? a sign? Hard to say, but since it was there, I just had to make a sneak-a-peek photo through it...

...which proves that this poorly door isn't doing better or worse than what is behind it. (Too bad because it could all be repaired and fixed to look so nice!!) My question is this: How does the British Embassy feel about it's poorly neighbor?


Wanda said...

The door does have a Broke(Poor) look to it!


Malyss said...

Yes, with some repair , the whole place would be great! But the bRitish embassy has probably nothing to do with it.(unless you explain them that someone could get through this place to enter into the embassy: security will make them move! )I like the picture through the hole!

Madi and Mom said...

Quite an unsightly door....wonder who owns the building. Madi and Mom