Thursday, 6 May 2010

Watching and Waiting

I like the lady waiting above this door, however, the wooden lady waiting ON the door looks like she is half asleep. Perhaps both of them would like to hop down and do some shopping. Why would I think that? Well, this door is on the very chic street called Parizska (Paris Street) where all the haute couture boutiques are located (e.g. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, etc.). Just next door to this door (and these ladies) is the Dior boutique ... I guess we could say that it is just next dior! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

The door's accessories are nice, but nothing very exciting and it looks like someone's set of keys have, after numerous times of locking and unlocking the door, done a good job of scratching up the varnish...too bad!!


Remington said...

Very nice door! I like the ladies on the door. I can't believe all the beautiful doors you find! Thank you for sharing them with all of us!

Sunny said...

Another wonderful door, I really like the glass and ironwork, and even the sratches add character. Too bad doors can't talk and tell us about all the people that have passed through it.
Sunny :)

Malyss said...

The columns and the balcony above offer a beautyful frame to this door!

Wanda said...

I like everything about this door...the curves and shapes of the upper windows, the ironwork an it's grand look!

Madi and Mom said...

We like the door too.
Mom and Dad watched a PBS special last night about Prague and Budapest....Mom said she thought she saw lots of Doors from the Door Hunter. HA!!
Madi and Mom