Tuesday, 11 May 2010

At the House of the Three Golden Balls

Here we are again at a door to a house that has a name/object to identify it. We are at the House of the 3 Golden Balls (U Tri Zlatych Kouli). They aren't terribly obvious and to prove it, while I was photographing this door, a Czech man was also looking at it and he said to me: 'House of the 3 Golden Balls? I don't see any balls...where are they?' For a second, I frantically searched all around the door and up the wall for 3 balls, expecting to find big, round things then I realised that those big dots/blobs right over the door are in fact the 3 balls! They aren't very big and are only half balls because the other half of each is stuck in the wall! Wouldn't a better name for this house be: The House of the 3 Golden Balls IN THE WALL?

Oh well!! Half balls, whole balls...no balls...anyway you look at it this is a nice door. I especially like the wrought-iron work on and above the door and the unusual shape of the doors. I also like the door's frame and the unusual shaped window over the frame. I apologise for not quite getting it all in the picture, but I had my back pressed to the building across from this door and despite my best efforts, was unable to get any more distance from it so that I could get everything in the picture, but the essential is there!!

Now, as for the 'accessories'...I must say that though this door handle is a bit creative, it is still rather boring, not old and not very exciting. I also feel that it's style has nothing to do with the style of the door. But that is my humble opinion...take it for what it is worth!!


Remington said...

Very nice door and I love the handle.

Madi and Mom said...

That is not an Emily door...boy it is a tall door!!! The handle reminds me of a pump or crank handle....
Madi and Mom