Friday, 21 May 2010

Tilted Friday

No, I didn't photograph this door after having a couple of glasses of wine...what you see is the way it is...tilted! The door itself seems to try to trick your eye into believing that all is right, but look at the door's frame and you realise that the arch is definitely tilting. I like the play of the lines here, the fun and the trickery, but in the end, the truth prevails!!

Even the door's lock was installed in an unusual way...sideways!! But leave it to the door handle to get you back on the right angle!


Sunny said...

I love this door even if it makes me feel tipsy.
It looks like a door to a castle.
☼ Sunny

Wanda said...

It does play games with ones eyes. I wonder if it's the result of damage or someones sense of humor.

Malyss said...

It makes me think of a door in Alice in wonderland!

(I posted one of your bench yesterday!)

Madi and Mom said...

What an interested optical illusion!!! Does David Copperfield live there?
Madi and Mom

jennyfreckles said...

Makes me feel a little seasick! But it's a fascinating door. I wonder if it was a mistake (drunken builder?) or deliberate.