Monday, 24 May 2010

Colourful Door Monday AND my 100th Door!!

OK, so today is Monday, but even though it is the beginning of the week (and not the end) it is a good day because today marks a special day: the 100th post of 'The Door Hunter'!! Wooo-hooo!! In honour of this special day, I am giving you a very special (AND Colourful Monday) door.

I came across this door near the Jewish Synagogue and before I actually saw it, I felt if it was calling to me...really! Yes, you're thinking: "Sure, this is a fabulous gate, but where's the colour?" Well, just wait. Enjoy this part first because it is so worth enjoying. (By the way, this is NOT an 'Emily door' even though it may look small it really isn't!)

I envy the people who live in the apartment building that this door belongs to because they get to come into and go out of these doors everyday. What better way to start and end your day than to go through such inspiring doors. As you can see there is a date of 1911 in the wrought-iron door which puts it in the period of Art Deco. I look at this door and just can't seem to find enough words to describe the way it makes me feel so I will let you find your own to describe your own reactions to it.

AND NOW, for our Monday dose of COLOUR: BLUE!! Isn't this a gorgeous shade of blue? When I saw it, I think my heart skipped a beat and I sucked in a big breath of air all at once!!

A NOTE REGARDING MY 100TH POST: I started this blog because I love doors...this, you know. I hoped by showing these doors that I could not only interest other people who love doors to look at it, but maybe to also lure people to this wonderful city. I didn't start this blog to collect 'followers' (which is a good thing, because even after showing 100 doors, I still only have 13 followers!!), but to just give anyone and everyone something nice to look at each day. As I mentioned before, I enjoy your comments and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my posts. If you want to suggest this blog to friends that also like doors, please do. The more of us, the merrier. I do know that it is addictive to look at and for doors; since starting this blog, I have the nearly annoying habit of checking out every door that I pass on the street or that I see from the car or bus or tramway!! It definitely has become second nature for me...but maybe you know about this. If you do, write to me, I would love to hear door hunting stories from other 'door addicts'. Thank you for reading my blog and for your wonderful comments. Have an excellent day and week! Cat


Remington said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I look forward to the next million! Love the door today!

Sunny said...

Congratulations on your 100th door. I have really enjoyed looking at them and can't wait to see more.
Today's blue door is breathtaking and I love the glass.
You should compile a book of all your door pictures.
Have a lovely day.
☼ Sunny

Malyss said...

Heartly congratulations for your 100th door! and thank you to celebrate it with two beautyful doors! Don't care of followers, I 'm blogging since almost 3 years and have only 40 on my main blog. But I prefer a few very faithful than plenty who don't care.With a few, it's possible to build a real friendship! Addiction is something I understand so well and share with you, in my own way, you know it! So, go on doing what you love, and my wish for this birthday is to celebrate the 200th door very soon!Your friend, Malyss

Madi and Mom said...

Cat happy 100th Door post. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing each and every door and been truly amazed at all the beautiful doors in your adopted home. My hubby reads your blog each night so you have 14 followers...he just hasn't signed on since I'm already there. He walked every inch of Prague during our visit in 1999 the Synagogue and cementer were very memorable. Today's blue door is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.Madi, Mom & Dad too

jennyfreckles said...

Congratulations - a special day, a special door. And yes, it takes a while to build a following, but gradually people come - make sure you visit and comment on other people's blogs.