Thursday, 27 May 2010

In it's Own World

I hate to admit it, but it wasn't until I walked past this door for about the 10th time that I finally noticed it!! Admittedly, the first 9 times I 'missed' it I wasn't doing a blog about doors so wasn't yet in the 'check-out-all-doors-no-matter-what' mode. I'm glad that it finally got my attention and hope it will forgive me for not noticing it sooner. Here is my apology to this lovely door in the form of giving it it's special 'moment of fame' here on TheDoorHunter.

Now, take a look at this beauty. A nice, big, solid wood door rich with detailed carvings and lovely wrought-iron work nestled in a tastefully decorated recessed arch.

Take a few steps closer and concentrate just on the door. Do you see all those different forms and shapes...scrolls, circles, urns, semi-arches, repeating patterns, etc.? And there, among all those carvings is a face, top and center, watching over the door and greeting all who hope to go through it.

As I write this, I had a thought: I seem to be coming across more and more doors with faces or heads carved into the door itself. I'm not sure if there is some sort of symbolism with this or a message or if doors simply used to be made with faces or heads on them. Did their presence (no pun intended) have a particular meaning? Were the faces purely fictive or were they actually portraits of the buildings owner or other important person? Were they there to keep evil spirits out? I will have to see what I can dig up on this subject as surely there must be something more to these door personalities than just aesthetics!

Finally, if you look up, you will see this very unusual ceiling. I have to say that so far I have not come across a door and entry like this. Sure, I have found and posted recessed doors that consist of a gate then the door and maybe in between there is a corridor or open area which might have some ornament or simple design. This recessed door, however, is without a gate and the open space before the door has a very pretty, but not pretentious ceiling mural which gives the door a more important presence. I hope I find more of these kind of doors...perhaps they are out there just waiting for me to find them!


Remington said...

Oh my -- that is beautiful!

Wanda said...

You have good reason to apologize...this is one of your best doors! Everything about it is beautiful...even the floor!

Malyss said...

The door itself and all the details, and the surroundings, live me breathless! What a glorious one!
I agree with you: there must be something behind all those decorations! i'm sure there's a book to write about those doors, why, how and by whom they were made. Work on it! a story of Prague through its doors is certainly a marvellous subject for a book! It will lead you to study history and architecture, it's gonna be something full of passion!

Madi and Mom said...

We are glad you revisited this door it has so many hidden treasures!! I love the art in the barrel shaped ceiling....
Your Door Hunter Blog makes me want to travel back to Prague to enjoy all the beautiful doors.
Thank you for sharing these pictures and taking the time to write such beautiful descriptions of each. Definitely a labor of love,
Madi and Mom

Pat Tillett said...

If you are interested in such things. There's an original photography award waiting for you at my blog. No strings attached. If you are not interested in such things, that is not a problem!
I've been very busy, so although I may not be commenting a lot, I'm still looking at all your posts!