Friday, 28 May 2010


Something new: TWIN DOORS!! I've shown you single doors, double doors, triple doors, quadruple doors, doors in doors, wide doors, really narrow doors, tall doors, Emily doors, metal doors, lots of wood doors and so on, but until now, I have never shown you twin doors.

Sadly, these twin doors have been missing some loving care, but we can still see what they and the whole ensemble once offered. Begin with the enormous eagle that hovers over the doors; a powerful wing protecting each door. (Those white lines you see are not reflections, but are actually paint lines...why, I don't know!!)

Each door (or rather each set of doors) has identical undulating lines, flowers, shells and scrolls yet the design of the doors, while exactly the same, is unique.

The twin doors are set within strong high arches which keeps them from looking heavy or austere, without taking away any of their value. A small foyer separates the doors from a delicate, but imposing wrought-iron gate which folds in half on each side.

On the floor of the foyer, designed in the polished stone floor, is the word 'Salve'. I don't know if this is the name given to the building or if it was the name of the owner (original owner) of the building or perhaps it is the name of a store that was once here...hard to say.

NOTE: I would like to thank all of you for your lovely comments to my 100th post. I have enjoyed finding doors and sharing them with you. Many of you have told me that you have started 'hunting' doors as well and have even sent me photos of doors you have found. Thank you so much!! I have decided that I will dedicate one day a month to posting 'guest doors'. So, if you find a door that you would like to eventually see here, please share it with me and I will do my best to post it in time!


Remington said...

I LOVE those doors!

Malyss said...

If my memories of years learning latin language are a little old, I still think that "Salve" means simply "hello!", Bonjour!
I especially love the eagle about that special door ! it seems to be protecting the place.. It's so sad that noone cares!
Your idea to post a guest's door every month is a good one! Do you allow me to use it for my benches?
Have a nice day!

Wanda said...

They are impressive the eagle!

Sammy and Andy said...

I became quite "taken" with doors when I lived in Ireland a few years the old Victorian section of Dublin, the doors are all painted a different color....that started my interest in doors!!!!!

Judi.......Sammy and Andy's mama