Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Big School Door

This is a huge door! It was so big that I had a hard time squeezing it and its frame into my camera's viewfinder without having to stand in the middle of a very busy street!! The door rather simple, but still is charming with it's modest decoration and as always, I like the wood. The door's frame with it's ribbons and wreaths floating delicately are happy and uplifting, but what I really like about this door is the fact that somewhere along the way, someone must have gotten tired of swinging that big door open and closed a million times a day so they decided to just cut it in half and only open and close half the door! And why not?! This is a door to a school afterall...can you imagine how much use this door gets on an average day? And now, imagine that the lower half of door is tall enough for a 2m / 6ft person to walk through...that should help you comprehend the size of this door. BIG!!

I like the mail slot. For once, it isn't a tiny little thing that only lets you slip one very thin piece of paper through it at a time; no, this mail slot means business. It is ready to receive books and thick documents, but given the size of the door, I suppose it is only fair that the mail slot be of a proportional size. And yes, the door handle is also big. Hey, maybe once upon a time this was a school for giants! That would explain everything (or nearly)!


Wanda said...

Very unique way of solving the problem of a heavy door!

Remington said...

Great door!

Madi and Mom said...

Thank goodness the handle is down low. I bet the children are very strong after opening and closing this door. It is quite pretty but I would love to know the thinking behind such a large door for a school? INteresting.
Madi and Mom