Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Back from the Whiteout!!

A 'whiteout'? In Spring? Well, not a real whiteout as in a snowstorm, but another sort of whiteout. We had several rooms in our house painted (white) during the last couple of days and, of course, it meant a lot of moving stuff around, covering things, taking things apart, hiding things, etc., so TheDoorHunter was forced into a temporary 'whiteout' ('blackout' sounds too drastic!!). Sorry about that!!

Today's door is another 'back door' to Obecni Dum. On 20 April 2010, in the post called 'Simply Golden' I posted a service door to this building. Though today's door is very different from the door posted in April, it does repeat the art nouveau theme and feel to it. I'm not exactly sure what this entrance is used for, but I have the impression it is the entrance for the artists as this building, which contains not only several restaurants and exhibits rooms, also has a fabulous concert hall and several large ballrooms (which include incredible murals by Mucha and other painters). This building is an absolute 'must-see' when in Prague and is called, in English, the Municipal House. I strongly recommend visiting as much of it as possible as you will not be disappointed!!

You might recognise the 'P' on the top of this is also in the arch of the door posted in April!! This 'P' is very unique...even if you only see it one time you will recognise it every time after! I'm not sure what the 'P' stands for in the context of this building, but for me it means 'Prague'!!

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Malyss said...

I absolutely love the two angels!

The main problem (for me) with painting is the smell!I hate it, even the smallest one! I hope you will soon be over!

Remington said...


Madi and Mom said...

Spring is definitely the time everyone is cleaning and painted and sorting...we know you are enjoying your freshly painted rooms.
This is a lovely door...
Madi and Mom

Wanda said...

P for Praque sounds reasonable...the door seems nice and solid...I like the graceful window at the top!