Monday, 10 May 2010

Colourful Door Monday

Ah, now isn't this a nice blue?! I saw this door from quite a distance and nearly ran to it I was so attracted to was just so inviting!

Though the face above the door is neither happy nor sad, it doesn't turn you away. The flowers around the arch are also delicate and light and inviting. The lines of the door and its windows are tastefully decorative and flowing and are in accordance with the arch that surrounds the door. If I MUST find something unpleasant about this door, it would be the handle. It is unfortunate that they didn't find something with more character and style! Otherwise, in my book, this door is an absolute winner!


Wanda said...

It really has a fresh clean look and the arch is lovely!

Sunny said...

The is one lovely door. The color is stunning against the color of the building and the reflections are excellent too.
Sunny :)

Madi and Mom said...

Yes we love this door too. I love how it pops out of the white surrounding it. Love that shade of blue too,
Madi and Mom