Thursday, 13 May 2010

Peaceful and Pleasant

This door (well actually this set of doors since it consists of a wrought iron gate and the actual door) faces a small, quiet little square that has a couple of nice trees and several inviting benches When the weather is nice, you'll be hard-pressed to find an empty bench on that square. Myself, I have often gone to that square to sit and think in peace during my lunch hour. I can imagine that coming home to this door on this square must be nice. To wake up and walk out of this door and see that square would also be nice.

And this door is nice!! So it deserves nice, right? Yes. Let's take a look at this nice has alovely floral motif arch, a pretty and very elaborate wrought-iron gate, art nouveau relief on the walls in the space between the gate and the door and, finally, a beautiful, light and inviting. And a quite unique handle, too! All these things together make for a wonderful package. I'll take it! Or rather I would...if I could!!


Malyss said...

This iron gate is simply fabulous! I seldom saw such a work!I'd like to sit on the benches in the garden and take time to admire the door!..

Madi and Mom said...

We agree this is a very lovely door. We love the creamy yellow. It is a well cared for and loved door. We bet there is lots of happiness behind it.
Madi and Mom

Sunny said...

Very impressive. Such wonderful workmanship.
Sunny :)

joco said...

Hiya CAT,

Wonderful. Truly a work of art.
How come these gates look grey in one and black in another picture? Simply the light or were they painted in between?
And, please, could I see a shot of that quiet little square you mention?
Pretty please?

Cat said...

Hello Joco, just so you understand, the wrought iron work is a sort of deep slate gray and has a matte finish to it which explains why in some light it looks darker (or lighter) than in other light. Perhaps also my photographing skills come into play...any suggestions?? Thanks for you comment. Cat