Thursday, 9 September 2010

Water and Time

This huge door (yes, it is huge...that handle you see is higher than my head!) looks out over the Vltava River and each day boats pass only a few meters from it on their way up and/or down the river. Even a quick look at this door tells us that it has seen many days...better days...but if only it could tell us what it has seen...floods, riots, tanks, celebrations... For all that it has seen, I am surprised at the fact that it has not yet seen graphitti and other such vandalism. Perhaps the two angels that live on the bottom of the two pillars that frame the door have been protecting it from all that life has shown it. May this big, wonderful (albeit sad) door continue to be a part of life by the river and in the very heart of this beautiful, ever-changing city.

The keyhole cover...painted over and no longer used.

Wood details...reminders of the water that moves so close to it.

A beautiful, but tired handle...strangely located high up on the lower right side of the door's frame...I don't know what this is for...maybe it was once for tying up one's horse? ...or to hold onto while cleaning mudd from one's shoes? A mystery to me.


Malyss said...

this door is very richly decorated! it's difficult to imagine that it is as big as you say! the last handle is really a mystery.. I'd say it's for horses, but I'm not sure at all.. You should make some researches, and (once more) write a book!!

Mishkat said...

This is a beautiful, even though weathered, door. And I agree about the book - your photos and commentary are wonderful!

Madi and Mom said...

Amazing....just how tall is that door?
I bet it would have some stories to tell if it could talk...
Madi and Mom

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

What a great blog, I also love photographing doors, windows and reflections. Great work