Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Unique - and worthy of more than a glance

Several months ago I think I mentioned in one of my blogs something about not wanting to 'spoil' you with only fabulous doors. Sure, you would like this, but I think it is necessary to appreciate even doors that at first glance appear less fabulous than others. My 'job' is to help you appreciate those doors. Today's door needs appreciation (in more ways than one!) might not give it a second glance if you walked by it, but I think you should and here is why. It has wonderful round windows both on the doors and above the doors and it has interesting, unique-shaped windows around the round window above the door. It also has a great face (albeit a little scarey!) over the door and some nice wrought-iron work in the circle windows on the doors.

Sure, there are bits of paper stuck to the door here and there, but those are not the fault of the door, but of heartless people. Forgive the door for those bits and admire it for the parts that it can own up to!! Now, aren't you glad you stopped to appreciate this door with me?

Oh yeah, forgive the door for its cheap, ugly handle...that was once again the work of a heartless (and uncreative) person.


Wanda..... said...

This one has a unique look all it's own!

Madi and Mom said...

I love the windows and the beautiful shade of yellow paint it is a very warm color.
Madi and Mom