Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Door

This church to which this door belongs is located on a small but very busy street where the trolley-bus' go by almost constantly. Actually, getting this picture meant standing in the middle of traffic (literally!) and waiting for an opening! This big, incredible door deserves better, but what can I do? A passing glimpse of it from the trolley-bus is perhaps better than nothing at all...but still. The door has a lovely, generous door handle, but I just can't imagine anyone actually using it given the fact that it is so hard to access which leads me to believe that it is a side entrance...I'll just have to go back and find the front entrance! Here, I've given you the chance to see what you would only see in passing were you to take, for example, tram 22 from Malostranske Namesti.

For more information about the church and a virtual tour from its tower, see here.


Wanda..... said...

Looks like a Magical Door!

joco said...

Gorgeous metal work. Sorry to hear you risked your life for us readers :-)