Monday, 13 September 2010

Colourful Door Monday

It's Monday and for most people, it's not the most favourite day of the week so I thought I would bring a little bit of cheer to you with this light, bright door. I've shown you doors that are cobalt blue, forest green and beet red, but until now, I haven't shown you a light blue door. Doesn't this cheerful colour make you want to smile? And what could be better than to have shutters painted the same colour! And to top it all off, this door leads to a sympathetic* cafe!! I even went in and had a coffee just so I could confirm that it really is 'simpaticka' ... it was!! The entire cafe was about as big as a bedroom...just room for 3 tiny tables for 2, a counter and a work area where a nice woman managed to make all sorts of miraculous things in the space of a walk-in closet!! But back to the door...who can't love a door this colour that also has a lot of windows AND is arched at top. Granted, this is certainly not an old door, but it is a nice door and since this blog is about doors that I like, I feel it deserves to be presented to you. Have a nice Monday!!

*the word 'sympathetic' is used here to mean friendly and inviting.


George the Lad said...

That is a nice colour, it reminds me of the sea.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi....dag gone Blogger...I cannot see your door.
Evidently it is on my end though since George was able to see it...that happened last week on another blog. I went back later and the picture was there,
Madi and Mom