Friday, 17 September 2010

Refractive Friday

Though this poor door deserves far better than it has gotten, I must say that it does look good despite certain short-comings that are not its fault. What it does have is a nice handle, a beautiful collection of beveled windows that are like jewels and even an interestingly shaped window above the door. I have to say though that if this were my door, I would paint it a colour that would bring out its subtle yet valuable attributes. As it is, it is just looks dull and boring and has very little, other than the windows, to attract the regard of passersby. It goes pretty much without saying that once again (as we have seen many times here before), the graphitti on the door merits that severe action be taken by the SPCD* against the perpetrator! If only it were possible!!

*SPCD - the non-existent Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Doors

The below, a close-up of the above door's windows, is my contribution to 'Weekend Reflections', a meme by James of Newtown Area Photo. For more information please see here. Note how the beveled glass refracts the light while also giving a different reflection.


Sylvia K said...

The graffiti is sad and certainly so on such a lovely old door! Superb captures though and in spite of the graffiti, you can see the beauty! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


joco said...

Hiya Cat,

Such fun!
I like all your doors.
But one can't help wondering what goes on behind them :-)

James said...

Even with graffiti the doors in Prague are amazing. I like the reflective shapes shapes in the bottom photo and I just noticed how the two doors come together to make a big cross.