Monday, 10 January 2011


Some doors, simply because of the way they look, have the ability to make me feel at peace when I look at them. Perhaps this sensation is some kind of reaction to the fact that the door seems at peace with its environment and those that enter into it. When I say this, I mean not only does the door appear loved and appreciated (there is no damage to it e.g. graphitti), but the actually shape of the door, the materials that it is made of and the ornamentation give it a peaceful feel.

Wouldn't you enjoy walking through this beautiful door each day? I would! Whether it would be to go to a job or to go to and from home...just passing through this old arch and touching this well-loved door would make my day. Just imagine what this door has seen. What it has lived. What it survived. What about all the people who have walked through this door and under this arch...all the hands that have touched this door...each one leaving a bit of themself on it be it an ever-so-faint trace.

The handle is very likely not the door's original one, but at least it does go with the door. It is simple and doesn't take away from the carvings on the door. It is small and delicate just like the door is. I suspect that the original handle was probably not very different from this one.


Sunny said...

What a handsome door. The carvings and the shape are beautiful.
I always enjoy the doors that you find. Delightful!
☼ Sunny

Malyss said...

I love it too!
this door is calling for caress, I feel like touching it softly!It's a cute and lovely door!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Hi Cat, Malyss sent me over to see your wonderful doors... I think that there are many people who are fascinated by doors, their details and their history. Your photos are very nice and I enjoy the narrative as well. My visit to Prague was very special although my vocabulary was quite limited!



Pat Tillett said...

That one is the door leading to my chambers...