Monday, 31 January 2011

A Jewel in need of a Buffing

We've seen one of these many times before...a door that could use a bit of love. It wouldn't take much to put this pretty door back into shape...a window, a bit of cleaning and maybe some paint...most of all, a bit of love. Et VOILA!!

This beautiful door frame is a wonderful, yet simple example of the Art Nouveau period with it's delicate repeating stylised flowers hugging the entire frame.

The ironwork here is subtle yet charming. It not only repeats the stylised mistletoe that is found in the door's frame, but it contains gentle, flowing swirls and coils in just the right places to make the door what it is meant to be...a barrier. There are lots of tiny details as well such as the coil effect on the frames around the door's windows, the tiny repeating design up the center of the door (see below) and, of course, the lions that are there looking sweet and gentle even if their presence is meant to ward off harm.

The door's handles with their regal looking lions are serious handles made in a way that you feel like the person that created them really knew what he was doing and gave them not only a strong sense of style, but made them perfectly functional - which is not always the case with door handles despite their necessity to be so!!

Thanks to the broken window, I was able to photograph what is behind this door. Isn't that a fabulous mosaic floor!? Wow. Personally, I think it is gorgeous....I just regret that there is a row of unsightly garbage bins covering up so much of it and ruining the effect of this wonderful floor. The rest of the entryway (foyer) is just as handsome because the Art Nouveau designs are repeated in the arches and ceiling areas.


Pat Tillett said...

I'm glad you showed the interior of that building. I look at all your fantastic door and entry way photos and wonder what's behind them. Thanks!

Malyss said...

This door is gorgeous! Full of charm, like an old piece of precious lace!
I don't understand how people can live in such places and not respect them! the bins should be anywhere else but NOT in the entrance, on tHIS mosaic!!that's a crime!
i'm sure that , with your blog, you could do something with the city hall, showing them how the richness of their town is slowly destroyed; Show them those treasures, and ask them to do something!!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love your detailed review of the doors and this one with its peek into the foyer is especially good. I agree with Malyss about the garbage bins - horrible!

I agree with you that it would not take much to get this exquisite door back into its original shape, one of detail and beauty.