Tuesday, 25 January 2011


OK, some of you may like this door and others of you may find it too much. I have to say that I like the door and I like the arch....BUT!! I don't know that I really like the door AND the arch together! I mean hey, look at the arch...it screams an entirely different style than the door....neogothic... renaissance..., but the door is talking art nouveau with a bit of art deco. What??? I call this architectural schizophrenia.

Let's first look at the arch, and the door's frame...carved stone, arches, figures, repetitive carved floral frame with a very gothic/neogothic feel to it.
The door? Well, it is wooden, green (?), has large brass handles on it, geometric-shaped windows, stylised flowers, stained-glass windows (behind a regular plate glass window) containing shapes typical to the art nouveau period and finally, the decorative metal (reinforcement?) plates that adorn certain parts of the door. I have a strong impression that the black metal stylised plates were an afterthought. Why do I think this? Well, I have come across many art nouveau and art deco period doors, but so far I have never seen one from either period that had metal plates on them like this one does.
In light of this, I return to my point of departure. Some people like this door and others don't. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where I stand...I do like many of this door's and arch's elements, but I think having them mixed all together gives me a bit of a nauseous feeling. What about you? How does this combination of styles make you feel?


Pat Tillett said...

I really like the new look of your blog! I think you are right about the combination of this door and arch. Apart, they both look fine!

Malyss said...

The only thing I don't like in this door are the golden handles. Otherwise,I find it very "gothic", in the meaning of english XIX century!The kind of door I like to look at but would not like to have in my home!

Magamerlin said...

La combinación de estilo no quedan mal, ahora me gusta más el arco.
Me encanta las puertas te abren diferentes mundos.
Besos la maga curiosa.