Friday, 22 October 2010

Quiet Lions

The lions on this door once roared, but have since gone silent... possibly as a result of the dust or the neglect or both. These majestic creatures that once made this beautiful door regal are waiting to be able to roar again, but until this door has been given some proper loving care, they will remain quiet. It really wouldn't take much though to help them find their voices...just a bit of soap and water, new door handles and a bit of paint!!


morememes said...

Such beauty unrecognized, except by you here.
What riches that city has.
Those flyers in the corner, ditched en masse, are an inditement of the presentday neglect and disinterest. This is turning into a story of some proportions. I wonder if your recording might not be instrumental in turning the tide of neglect of these works of art.

Malyss said...

I'm feeling the same! sometimes, when I see some of your doors, I think that it would not need a lot a work to give them back their glory! Maybe you should create an association of volunteers? !