Thursday, 28 October 2010


On the street called Parizska (Paris Street), there are some very chic stores and in between them, some nice doors, some ok doors and some wonderful doors. This door and it's gate are what I consider members of that last group - wonderful doors!! Just look at this beautiful wrought-iron rich, so elegant, so suits my tastes perfectly because it is beautiful without being too rich or too anything but, well, to repeat myself, charming!! Notice the little cut-out hearts at the bottom? (That's my new puppy Ellwood peeking through one.)

As for the door itself, it is of a caramel-coloured wood that is rich and friendly. It's simplicity invites you in and it's rounded windows are like delicate kisses to your eyelids. On the floor of the tiny 'foyer' between the gate and the door is a delicate mosaic of polished stones while on the walls a similar pattern repeats itself as a sort of garland of warmth enveloping the welcoming space before you actually enter into the building. You can certainly guess that I like this door/gate combination. Or did I already say that?


Sunny said...

What gorgeous doors, that gate is awesome. Ellwood is so cute peeking through the heart, all I could think of was ♥ Puppy Love ♥
☼ Sunny

Malyss said...

Yes, everything is marvellous on this door! the iron part is especially gorgeous, and the mosaic makes it very special..Coming back home through such a door must be a very pleasant moment.;
I love the pretty nose through the heart!!:))

Madi and Mom said...

A beautiful door made even prettier with Ellwood's sweet face.
Madi and Mom

Pat Tillett said...

Every part of it is beautiful...(even the dog!)
A lot of thought and time went into it...