Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sandwiches for Sale

You are probably thinking I've lost my mind having put such an odd title for this door, but believe it or not, next to the door there is a rather large sign that says just that 'Prodej Baget' - Sandwiches for Sale!!

Perhaps they do sell sandwiches there, but what is really behind this door is a school. As you may have guessed, we are looking at yet another building that was built for the church, evident by the religious sculptures above the door. A bird's eye view of this building would show you that it is part of a church complex where the main church entrance is on Narodni Street (and is just a few doors up from the National Theatre). This entrance is on a side street, and may or may not still have access to the rest of the church complex, but I don't know. As I have mentioned and shown before, there are so many (and I do not exaggerate) buildings and complexes that belong or used to belong to the church, it is hard for the man (or woman!) on the street to attain any-on-the-spot information on these less important buildings. What we can do is look at what is in front of us and appreciate it or not.

As for the door itself, I do like it despite it's apparent use (and some abuse), but I am wondering if it isn't relatively new. It has a nice 'chatting-grill', a simple, but not awful handle and has metal pegs in wood which I always like, but if you look at the style of the door and compare it to the style of the ornate statues above (and with the columns on each side of the door), it just seems out of place. One thing the door does do is with the aid of the inverted V slats on it it manages to send the eye upwards...towards the cherubs, the ladies, the bishop and the Madonna and Child. I just feel there is so much richness above and around the door that one of those metal-fronted doors that we have seen on other church buildings (for example see here) would be more appropriate.


Pat Tillett said...

I love it! The dark wood and metal work have an appeal to me.
great photos and information!

Malyss said...

I think that a metal door would give the feeling that the all gate is much more heavy than it is already. The wooden parts give some lightness to this impressive place.And they are rich enough to match with the whole view. The statues above are very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Cat,
I find this one a touch forbidding and would not be keen to enter. Never liked school :-)
But the workmanship is amazing. That curved bar will have taken some doing. The sandwiches are a mystery.
Can't do without my daily door these days. I hope you won't run out soon.