Friday, 27 August 2010

Door and Door Frame Ornaments: Animals I

I have yet to discover why lions are a favourite decoration on doors and door frames. Granted, a great number of birds - usually eagles - find their way over doors (and no, I am not talking about pigeons!), however, the big cats appear to be preferred not only on the door itself, but on door frames, door knockers and even, as you might have noticed in the handle collage, on door handles.

Once again, all of the above images come from earlier posts...can you find which ones?


Malyss said...

The use of lions surely comes from heraldic; It's a sign of strengh and power, and remember, he's considered as a king among animals..

Madi and Mom said...

I love this series of post!!! Excellent!!
Have a good weekend and keep hunting for doors.

Madi and Mom

James said...

I like this collection!

I see lion heads on old iron gates and fences here in Pennsylvania. What a great idea to collect photos and display them like this.

Have a great week and give the cats a scratch under the chin. :)