Monday, 28 March 2011

School Days

Would you have guessed that these doors are to a school? I'm not sure if I would have, though there is something about it that does suggest that they are there to welcome many people. Perhaps the fact that they are white made me think of an old hospital entrance...that and the lady over the door.

But a school it is. Actually, these are the doors to a language school for kids up to the age of about 11 years. They must expect some very tall kids...look how tall those doors are!!

I like all the small windows in these doors as well as the stained glass over the doors and, of course, the sweet, innocent face with the large bow that watches over and protects this door. The wrought-iron gate is, in my opinion, a bit out of place...I'm not fond of the design, but that is just me. What you can't see very well is the frame which has some lovely relief work.

OK, so this isn't a terribly exciting door, but it is a nice door and it deserves being introduced to more people than just the kids and their parents that walk through it. And just one last you suppose the white color of this door has anything to do with the age of the students...young and fresh and looking at the world as their blank slate?? (or computer screen as they may actually see their world!)


Malyss said...

In France , we have a famous mark of bonbons, called Pierrot Gourmand. The advertising looks really like this sweet face above!That's very surprising!I also think that the iron part does not match with the other parts of that door; But for the other parts, little windows, squares around, and white painting, I think it's beautyful for kids; But i'm afraid they don't enjoy this door as much as it would deserve it.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

The entrance way, not so much, but the doors themselves are very similar to the ones on my elementary school (old part of the building).

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